NET-MEX Innovation and Training Ltd (HU) core activities include the management and innovation process, the development training materials and methodologies, and the organization of training courses based thereon primarily for SMES. In the development of training materials we rely heavily on EU and nation RTD results. The activities of NET-MEX Ltd can be characteristic by a creative and multidisciplinary approach. Therefore our staff include engineers, patent attorney, teachers and economist. We have taken part in the development of the Hungarian Venture Capital portal and Logistic Portal. The seniors officers have extensive experiences in the organization and coordination of national and EU projects. Most important project EU project: YET, CT-TRANS, Blended learning projects.

Net-Mex Ltd. has relevant experiences in designing platforms and in the structural development of training platforms as well.

The size of Net-Mex Ltd. is below 5 colleagues.


Contact: Andrea Kövesd
Phone: +3626 555 220