Seed is a Swiss non profit organization, located in Lugano, Switzerland and active in the field of technologies, communication and education since 2007. Seed was born from the belief that an adequate use of ICT and e-learning technologies can make a difference in education and training initiatives in cooperation and development projects: enhancing access, allowing the creation of stable networks, and improving daily working activities. Apart from its activity in developing countries and in the social field, Seed‘s staff took part in different EU projects on research, training or dissemination tasks.

Seed also developed games for training purposes within three European projects: during SEE A Games two games aimed at developing entrepreneurial activities were produced; during FAIRStart a game with the objective of training operators working in orphanages was designed; during ABACO a game was produced to teach families with a limited budget how to manage their financial resources.  Moreover seed is active in different projects in Switzerland and abroad based relating to education and training, organizing different training courses for developing entrepreneurial skills and competences and organized team building and organizational empowering activities in different contexts.

Seed staff consists in seven people: Luca Botturi, Isabella Rega, Chiara Bramani, Matteo Jurina, Sara Corbino, Luca Chiesa, Ugo Grandolini.

Seed accounting responsible has proved experience in managing EU project financial aspects.

Contact: Chiara Bramani
Phone: +41919402931